De-cluttering! We’ve discussed the value of home styling in a different post, but what about those who still need to live in their home whilst it goes on the market? Ok all of you Hoardy McHoardersons out there, this one’s for you 😊 Call it `​Spring/Autumn cleaning'​, call it ​`joining the minimalist movement', or call… Continue reading De-cluttering!

Local spotlight: Getting back to nature!

If you frequent Leederville's amazing Oxford St, you may have noticed a new kid on the block! Hass & Co Botanics is a small business owned and operated by Casey, Cal, and their beloved Bichon, Misty. Casey and then-puppy Misty left country-town New Zealand behind to explore the city lifestyle on offer in Perth meeting… Continue reading Local spotlight: Getting back to nature!

Staging a property for sale….is it really worth it?

I’m often asked by sellers: is it worth getting my property staged ahead of putting it on the market? Staging (or styling) can take the form of partial or full staging, depending on what is required. Some companies will be happy to add some touches to an environment to freshen it up – be it… Continue reading Staging a property for sale….is it really worth it?

Leedy Palooza – Get amongst it!

If by some chance you’ve missed it, Perth’s FRINGE FESTIVAL 2018 has hit Perth - and this year, Leederville is home to the new and outrageous Leedy Palooza with 60+ culturally diverse and awesome events. The pink shopfront displays, decorations and paraphernalia are all indicators of the next 4 weeks of mayhem on the streets,… Continue reading Leedy Palooza – Get amongst it!

Last minute “Remedy”

Tick tock everybody..the countdown is on!🎁🎄 For those of you that haven't found that something special yet, go and see these lovelies down at Remedy ( on Oxford St - if the awesome window display doesn't draw you in, the extensive range of funky, locally sourced homewares will! #6daystogo #loveleederville Originally posted 19 December 2017