Leedy Palooza – Get amongst it!

If by some chance you’ve missed it, Perth’s FRINGE FESTIVAL 2018 has hit Perth – and this year, Leederville is home to the new and outrageous Leedy Palooza with 60+ culturally diverse and awesome events.

The pink shopfront displays, decorations and paraphernalia are all indicators of the next 4 weeks of mayhem on the streets, when Oxford St is closed off to traffic on Sunday afternoons and becomes the street party central (a “footocracy”) of Leedy Palooza Land!

We went down to the Un-Fair Day yesterday for a taste of the `best-worst family street fair we were most unwelcome to attend, with unlucky dips, bad family portraits, misfortune cookies and weirdly wonderful creations’. It was, as suggested, regrettably unforgettable.. with great music, activities, games, food, general mischief and heaps of laughs (for which we received a fine from the Fun Police, below).


For the kids, receiving high fives from the Stilt Walkers (no mean feat, pilates class much?!), special treasures from Mermaids Amelia and Jessica Pearl and tearing it up around Box-ville were amongst the highlights. Beautiful weather, fantastic food, groovy tunes and a couple of exhausted kids were highlights for others of us 😉

See you down there next Sunday at Dancin’ in the Street for some shape-cutting awesomeness…from the sideline, of course (and for goodness sake, don’t enjoy yourselves) 😉


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