We’ve discussed the value of home styling in a different post, but what about those who still need to live in their home whilst it goes on the market? Ok all of you Hoardy McHoardersons out there, this one’s for you 😊

Call it `​Spring/Autumn cleaning’​, call it ​`joining the minimalist movement’, or call it `having a damn good chuck out’ – de-cluttering your home is an activity that should be done on a regular basis to ensure it doesn’t become a mammoth task.

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The experts say to start small, maybe getting rid of one thing per day to begin with, then once you’ve got the hang of it scale up to two, then three things per day, etc. From there it should become automatic. Unconvinced? Well, from a property selling perspective, there are few things more frightening than the prospect of strangers looking through your cupboards and drawers during a home open and finding your treasure trove of detritus. Yep, far more compelling…

With some inspiration from, it may help to break the tasks down into manageable chunks:


  1. Bedside table

Take everything off/out of your bedside table and start with a clean slate. Only put back essential items. The rest can be thrown away or put back where they belong. Get rid of anything unnecessary like unread books, receipts, newspapers and unused beauty products.

  1. Cupboards 

Choose five items that you haven’t worn in over a year and donate them to charity and do the same with your shoes. Anything you don’t wear or anything that isn’t comfortable should be given away, sold or thrown out. Do it.

  1. Drawers

Throw away any underwear that has holes in it or is no longer wearable. Pair up all of your socks and put the left overs in a Lost Sock Box so you can match up any strays next time you do your washing. Buy some drawer dividers to keep your clothing compartmentalised and tidy.



  1. Coffee table

Clear your coffee table surface and only put back what makes sense to live there, like remote controls, a couple of coasters and coffee table books/magazines. Bills, mail, wallets, plates and toys should be cleared away.

  1. Book shelves

Get rid of any non-essential books like paperback fictions you’ll never read again. Also be aware of bookshelves becoming dumping grounds and avoid storing items like loose receipts and random sets of keys there.

  1. Couch

Clear the handbags, sports gear, mail and replace any cushions that have seen better days. If you have a designated area for your wallet, keys and daily effects, it will make decluttering your surfaces a lot easier.

Hallway table inspiration!


  1. Shower 

Throw away any empty bottles of shampoo and ditch anything that you’ve stopped using. Get rid of rusty razors, exfoliating gloves that haven’t been touched in months and any facial cleansing products that may have expired. Give your shower a quick clean and only put back items that you use every day/week.

  1. Cupboards

Organise items into categorised tubs to keep them neat and tidy. Throw away anything that has expired or anything that you don’t use any more.

  1. Counter tops

Clear away anything that shouldn’t be on the countertops and keep it as clear as possible. Store your daily items in a labelled tub in your cupboard and when you need the tub take it out of the cupboard, use the items you need, then put the tub away again. This stops the clutter of individual items on bathroom counters.



  1. Cutlery drawer

Empty your cutlery drawers and give your dividers a good wipe. If they’re dishwasher safe put them in with your next load. Get rid of anything that doesn’t belong in the drawer and only put back the essentials. If you don’t use an item for the preparation or consumption of food, it shouldn’t be in your cutlery drawer.

  1. Fridge/freezer

Throw out any old food, expired jars of condiments or vegetables that have seen better days. Empty out your freezer of any questionable items. A good rule of thumb with freezer items is if you can’t remember when you froze it, you should probably throw it away.

  1. Miscellaneous items

Plastic containers that have lost their lids, specialty baking pans that you’ve only used once and free merchandise mugs from conferences you went to ten years ago all have to go. Anything that isn’t used regularly in your kitchen is costing you precious space.



  1. Furniture

If you’ve got rusty or mouldy outdoor furniture, ditch it. If you never use it, there’s not point in having it. If you have furniture that you use and would like to keep, give it a good clean.

  1. Sports equipment

Get rid of sports balls with punctures in them, equipment from childhood hobbies or any exercise paraphernalia that doesn’t get used. It should all be donated to charity or left on the street on hard rubbish collection day. If you don’t use an item, there’s no point in letting it take up room in your life.

  1. Car accessories

Car accessories have a way of multiplying. If you still have manuals, specific cleaning products or parts of cars that you no longer own, they should be thrown away (responsibly). A basic kit of cleaning products should be all you need.



  1. Ironing/mending pile

If something has been in an ironing/mending pile for more than a year or two it’s safe assume you’re probably not going to wear it again. If the item was that important, you would have put in the effort to make it wearable. Donate these items to charity and free up some cupboard space.

  1. Supply cupboard

Clear out your cleaning supplies. Throw away anything that’s leaking, expired or has stopped working in the way it was intended to work. Store all your cleaning items in a designated plastic bucket for easy storage, out of reach of little people.

  1. Pet supplies

If you have a pile of old toys, medication, bedding and any animal transport cages that aren’t being used, ditch them or donate them.



Aaaaand relax!


And as they say….rinse. repeat. By making these practises habitual and keeping on top of the clutter, your day-to-day convenience should improve drastically. And in the event that you do decide to take your home to market, you’re ready to go! 😊




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