The Fittest Blokes in the ‘Hood! PART 2

Ok, so we heard from the awesome Peter “Robbo” Robertson recently on his elixir of health – let’s hear a perspective from another legend in the neighbourhood…

For those of you who haven’t come across Matt Fuller, it’s safe to say he knows a thing or two about keeping fit – a former professional rugby league player in Australia and England (inaugural Western Reds player here in Perth and later Captain), owner/manager of Fuller Fitness Training Centre in Subiaco and regular Telethon fixture for his 24 hours endurance cycle sessions amongst the highlights. And when Matt’s not training or fulfilling media commitments, he’s hanging out with his adorable wife and kids – lucky bloke that he is, and refreshingly, he remembers this fact every day!

Here we tap into Matt’s wealth of knowledge, and take some tips on buying the grapes (even though the wine may be cheaper)…. 😉

EC: Let’s face it, it takes a special kind of glutton for punishment to achieve what you have, what drives you to keep doing it?

MF: My lifestyle is about balance, but I pay higher importance to my health and fitness. After playing professional rugby league and doing the 24-hour fitness challenges for Telethon the body has taken a lot of physical punishment over the years, I find regular exercise enables me to stay fit and focused. My motivation has always been my two healthy children – other families are sometimes not as fortunate and I am extremely proud that my family has been able to be involved in fundraising for Telethon for many years now, giving back to the sick kids of WA.

EC: No doubt you’ve heard all used the excuses in your line of work…had to stay late at the office/ weather was no good/developed a sudden case of can’t-be-bothered-itis…so how do you practise what you preach and manage to fit your own exercise into the day?

MF: Being a gym owner, I have heard all the excuses over the years as to why people stop exercising or cancel their membership. Consistency and sacrifice is the key – cross train between your workouts, enjoy what you do and believe in yourself. Regular exercise is about being disciplined, having mental toughness and not letting excuses or negative people stop you from reaching your own goals. We can all find 3 hours per week to exercise, no matter how busy our lives are. The benefits from keeping fit and healthy will soon lead to a better quality of lifestyle.

EC: 3 hours…gotcha! As a resident of West Leederville, we’ll often see you out and about around the ‘hood – why is 6007 such a great area for the fitness-minded?

MF: My wife and I have been living in West Leederville for the past 16 years and it’s a great place to live and raise kids. The location is perfect for inner city living with close proximity to parks, beaches and the Perth CBD, along with lots of walks and cycle paths to explore which keeps our young family active.

EC: Hear hear! Ok, so as a final word, do you have any parting advice or any New Year’s resolutions of your own you’d like to share?

MF: This year I am looking forward to competing in my 10th 24-hour fitness challenge for Telethon. I enjoy working out and still train six days per week. When spreading the benefits of health and fitness, I say you don’t have to train as a professional athlete or run marathons to feel good about yourself – just be consistent with your health and fitness and enjoy your lifestyle with your family.

Matt Fuller 2

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